I'm a writer. I help organisations find their voice and reach their audience.

Bear with me as we solve a few technical hitches moving the site from one server to another. In the meantime, here's a brief summary of the world as it stands:

There is no short cut. It takes deep thought, understanding and emotional intelligence to give rise to communications that actually mean something to people. It takes time and effort.

Yet we live in an age where so many organisations and individuals seem to think that the answer to being heard is to make more noise, more quickly, in more media. They think other people don't have time for them.

Not true.

Often it's the other way around. Often it's actually they who haven't taken the time to think enough about the other people.

The world moves on, but the art of changing views and behaviour is timeless.

You can always make people have time for you.

Actually, that's the whole point.

I have worked across all sectors, from two of the big five Magic Circle law firms to architects, charities, chefs and banks. I've helped be the voice of global brands such as Mercedes, Unilever, Bombay Sapphire, the Salvation Army and Land Securities... right the way down to one-man-bands. I have over 40 professional awards, but stopped entering competitions around 2010 when I realised I was happier spending the absurd entry fees on food. Having happy clients is  more than enough.

I started as a playwright – amazingly 'Bookends' still gets put on twenty years later: you can buy it from the Samuel French bookshop or Amazon. I still think a sensitive ear for character, dialogue and narrative translates perfectly to the world of business.

Slowly though, I'm moving back to where I came from. I'm in the process of helping establish a small independent publishing house, Sutherl&Bard, which has several projects in development. Our first book, The Graphic Lexicon, was published in November, and you can buy it here:

Hopefully two more will be out this year, and a website launched.

Call me on 0044 7941 096207, or write to scott@bardofbray.com

Have a splendid day.

Scott Perry, Bard of Bray

A word, after another word, after another word... is power.

M: 0044 7941 096207; E: scott@bardofbray.com