Change the world.

We've done it. It's definitely possible. 

Know what to say.

To who.

Say it better.

What you'll find here: brand strategy that uses the power of words to identify and create change. Real change, that takes place with real people in the real world, not on a slide deck in a meeting room.

Award-winning writing that helps deliver it.

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A mid-size accountancy firm doubles its enquiries year-on-year, and begins to win pitches against the 'Big Four' for the first time in its history. A struggling architecture practice goes from 50 to 110 people in a decade, wins a string of awards and becomes the category leader. A small charity triples its income and doubles its number of volunteers in the space of 24 months.


Brand strategy is not a piece of research that gives way to some creativity later. It is a creative act in itself, the creation of the argument that generates change. Branding must identify exactly what that change should be, in who it takes place, and how. Then it must make it happen: win people over, rouse feelings, alter behaviour. At every stage, the more accurate the articulation, the greater its influence. Brand strategy is an art that relies entirely on the precision of words for its power, for these words go on to influence everything that comes after, they are your butterfly effect.  Branding is brutally, unequivocally, verbal.

And yet strategy is nearly always produced by people who cannot write.

Just when it's most crucial that you know exactly what to say, they produce pie charts and stacked pyramid diagrams. Smoke and mirrors, generated by cardboard hearts and concrete minds. Perhaps you've had concentric circles or Venn diagrams shoved under your nose, that's another good sign that the person in front of you has no clue as to what they are about. It's work that is bereft of emotional intelligence: these people don't have enough genuine content to tell it like it is. In two decades as a writer, I rarely ever got from a brand strategist what I needed to do my job.

And I got fed up of going back to do their work.

Because strategy is writing and writing is strategy. Think about this the next time you sign off on that five-figure budget.

– § § § –


A word after a word after a word is power. But there is no short cut. It takes deep thought, understanding and imagination to give rise to sentences that actually mean something to people. It takes time and effort as well as skill. 

Yet we live in an age where so many organisations and individuals seem to think that the answer to being heard is to make more noise, more quickly, in more media. They like to claim that people don't have time for them.

Not true.

Often it's the other way around. Often it's actually they who haven't taken the time to think enough about the other people. This applies to branding and to writing. The world moves on, but the art of motivation and establishing interest is  timeless. You can always make people have time for you.

Actually, that's the whole point.

– § § § –


I have worked across all sectors, with architects, charities, fast-moving consumer goods companies, banks and law firms, including two of the 'Magic Circle'. I've helped be the voice of global brands such as Mercedes, Unilever, Bombay Sapphire and the Salvation Army. For Land Securities I wrote brochures launching several of London's most famous new buildings, including the 'Walkie Talkie' and One New Change. 

I have over 40 professional awards. I know they're important, these awards, because I'm citing them here, but I stopped entering competitions around 2010 when I realised I was happier spending the absurd entry fees on food. I like creating positive change and seeing the effect on clients, that's where the pleasure lies.

Part of this positive change includes building teams of the highest-calibre graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and IT experts to deliver the entire project... and manage it into the future. Having a strategist who understands the genesis of the brand creatively, and that can continue guiding the process and participants from start to finish by delivering the written communications is a rare advantage. The insight and continuity for everyone involved is very valuable.

I started as a playwright – amazingly 'Bookends' still gets put on over twenty years later: you can buy it from the Samuel French bookshop or Amazon. A sensitive ear for character, dialogue and narrative translates perfectly to the world of business. When I have some spare time, I'm working on a number of books for children, and some food books, and a few other publishing projects. And looking after the plants and skiing and going to see Atletico Madrid and watching films and reading and going to the market and there's never enough spare time, is there? There's just not enough time. So I try to make the time we spend collaborating together special, every second, because this time we have is incalculably valuable, and there to be enjoyed.

Many years ago, my hilarious cricket-playing teammates started calling me 'The Bard' when I appeared in the 'Around Bray' section of the local paper after winning the National Student Playwriting Competition. The name stuck.

Please do call. Let's change something. 0044 (0)7941 096207